Author: 奥村真理子 Mariko Okumura

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

森林小天使 (Pansy) by Mariko Okumura

Every character in this comic was like Madam Mariko Okumura's children. Whenever her children face a problem, they will find a solution for it. She hopes that those who had read her comic will entered a world full of dreams and hopes just like the character, Po Qi (泼琪).

The story begins here:
Ma Ke (马克), a zoologist, found a wild little girl at the age of 10 playing with a group of chimpanzees in the Africa forest. She is just like one of them, jumping from one tree to the other. She can even communicate with them!

Ma Ke brought this little girl back to his house and called her Po Qi (泼琪). Ma Ke has a lot of animals in his house, a dog, a cat, a horse, a pig, and a chimpanzee. Ding Na (丁娜) is that chimpanzee (it's on the front page of comic #2) do all the cooking for Ma Ke.

Po Qi's wild behaviour will suddenly changed when she heard Traumerei sing. Ma Ke and his fiancée, Ma Lin (玛琳), were having problems training Po Qi of being a human being until Po Qi met Ai Te (艾特), a 17 years old young guy, while he was sleeping outside Ma Ke’s house. Ai Te had promised Ma Ke not to let anybody know about Po Qi. Po Qi likes Ai Te and whenever he comes, she will be very happy. Po Qi is learning very fast. She can kick up a spoon to drink soup by herself now!

The story continues on how Po Qi learns to become more like a human being. Why was Po Qi being left with the orangutans? Who are Po Qi’s parents and where are they?

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